Innovation in technology

Ceramic Ventilated Façade

The Polytechnic University of Valencia recently developed a new type of ceramic ventilated façade and tested its behavior in hot-climate conditions. The results were remarkable since the façade, together with a light-frame [...]

ENVISION - Sustainable Infrastructures

The ENVISION™ rating system ENVISION™ is the result of a strategic alliance and collaboration of several American organizations, including the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI), a non-profit organization and Zofnass [...]

ARMALAM®: Steel-reinforced Laminated Wood

Armalam® is the name of an innovative patent which allows the production of laminated-wood beams with more than double strength and rigidity if compared with no steel-reinforced laminated-wood elements. This allows also a vast range of uses [...]

Photocatalytic Ceramic Tiles

BIONICTILE® by CERACASA is a porcelain with the capacity to destroy harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) which are in the air. Such  NOx are present in the combustion process (pollution from cars and industries). BIONICTILE®  uses a [...]