Innovation in technology

Ceramic Ventilated Façade

The Polytechnic University of Valencia recently developed a new type of ceramic ventilated façade and tested its behavior in hot-climate conditions. The results were remarkable since the façade, together with a light-frame [...]

ENVISION - Sustainable Infrastructures

The ENVISION™ rating system ENVISION™ is the result of a strategic alliance and collaboration of several American organizations, including the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI), a non-profit organization and Zofnass [...]

ARMALAM®: Steel-reinforced Laminated Wood

The Armalam® technology is based on the reinforcement of regular laminated wood beams with one or more steel (or CFRP) rebars in specific milling tracks parallel to the beam axis and glued to the wood lamellas through a specific epoxy [...]

Photocatalytic Ceramic Tiles

BIONICTILE® by CERACASA is a porcelain with the capacity to destroy harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) which are in the air. Such  NOx are present in the combustion process (pollution from cars and industries). BIONICTILE®  uses a [...]