Associated companies

Associated companies

Applied Physics Dept. - Polytechnic University of Valencia

The Center for Physics Technologies of the Polytechnic University of Valencia brings together a whole set of different research departments, each of them specialized in one or more specific fields such as Materials, Acoustic and Astrophysics. The structure of the Center with the connected departments can be described as follow:


  • Acoustic optimization of spaces and design of audition spaces.
  • Acoustical absorption and specific solution design.
  • Acoustic-performing lenses and panels based on sound crystals, systems for the sound control.
  • Transmission and localization of waves within metamaterials.
  • Sound insulation for aerial and impact noise reduction.


  • Structural characterization of molecular materials through X-ray diffraction and correlation with the magnetic and optical features depending on the temperature, pressure and light levels.
  • Development and characterization of synthetic nanoporous materials.


  • Materials for astrophysics applications.

Associate Unit CSIC:

  • Development of conic-silica-based applications.