Green Management

Green Management

Integrated Project Management

Specific technical services for the management of green building projects, from the early design stage through the construction process until the final building occupation and commissioning procedure.

Developing a project in foreign countries means facing different rules and processes only local companies can deal with. In order to implement international green building protocols and projects the design team needs to merge the international aspects of the project with local rules and requirements.

Therefore GBF offers you a dual integrated service that merges the aspects of the project developed internationally with each local work environment.

  • On one side a whole team of experts with international experience in construction and project management field will assess you in developing a project that could be adaptable to foreign or exceptional conditions.
  • On the other hand, every company operating in Europe, South America and USA has a project management internal department that will take care of your project on-site, making sure that the project features and processes will match with local laws and protocols.