LEED & Sustainabiliy Assessment


The “Cidade Sustentàvel de Pedra Branca” was originally designed to become a cutting-edge development in Brazil. A whole brand new district embracing LEED and other Green-building protocols as reference standards for sustainability-related issues. The sustainability-driven project had the main idea of creating of a district city where residents can live, work, study and have fun, all in one place, since the start has guided the creation of the City Pedra Branca district.
There are many Concepts that support the development of Pedra Branca, but taken from among them are the 10 that we consider the most relevant:

  • Pedestrian Priority: to encourage walking providing a compelling sensory experience, with reduced car use and providing, within a 10 minute walk, everything we need on a day to day basis.
  • Mixed Use: a mixture of dwellings and work places
  • Safe Public Spaces.
  • Diversity of Residents: all ages, all incomes and family sizes
  • Sense of Community: building a place where people can meet
  • Balanced Density
  • Harmony between the natural and urban amenities
  • Sustainability and high performance of the built environment.
  • Connectivity.

Our experts developed a LEED Assessment for two buildings of the whole construction development and a sustainability consulting service for the new development’s urban features.