Commissioning Authority Services - LEED Assessment


The MUSE project is located in Trento, Italy and is part of a major urban project developed by the architect Renzo Piano. During the project development our partners performed the services of Commissioning Authority and LEED Assessment.

The LEED Assessment was developed during the early stage of the project in order to evaluate the complex potential to become a LEED certified building and to assist the project manager for avoiding potential mistakes, change orders or lack of information during the whole process. All tasks performed during the LEED assessment can be summarized as follow:

  • LEED Checklist analysis in relationship with the project features;
  • Comparison between specific credit requirements and project features;
  • Development of a preliminary energy modeling of the building envelope to verify possible potential credit achievement;
  • Definition of the project management strategy and specific clauses for the construction bid in order to cover all the LEED aspects of the project during the construction phase.

GBF partners provided also a Commissioning Authority service for the MUSE. Before construction they helped the owner developing the OPR (Owner Project Requirements) and BOD (Basis Od Design) documents. During construction and before occupancy the experts developed the hole Commissioning Authority service verifying that all mechanical systems and building performance matched with the original project requirements.