Green Management

Green Management

The GBF Method

No projects are free from issues. However, the impact of such issues on the project can be minimized if appropriate countermeasures are implemented.

Throughout its experience, GBF already experienced a vast range of project issues and developed, jointly with several research institutes, specific guidelines to prevent them and optimize the whole green-building development process. These guidelines, jointly with the implementation of the Lean-method and IT-based technologies, merged together into the GBF Method. It is, in short words, a specific and well-defined approach that tackles the development of a sustainable project from a global perspective, bringing together all the main aspects of design, management and constructability through the implementation of the different engineering tools currently available. The main idea is to promote a sort of Integrated Project Delivery process (IPD) where all subjects involved are aware of each other’s need and duties and work together for a common goal.

The efficiency of the approach developed by GBF has been tested and proven throughout several case-studies with the collaboration of research institutes in Europe, Brazil and USA.

Evidence shows that the implementation of the GBF method could lead to the following results:

  • 28% Average time savings on design project schedule; *
  • 24% Average cost savings on design project budget; *
  • 12% Increment of the certification score. *


* The numbers reported above are average results proceeding from different case-study analysis and research. Some of them had already been published and are available to the public:


"Improving Green Building Project Management Processes through the Lean Approach"


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