Green Management

Green Management

Lean 4 Green

Lean 4 Green is the service package specifically dedicated toward the implementation of Lean-Construction concepts within the fields of sustainability and green-buildings.

The Lean methodology represents an important asset within the management strategy of industrial and construction processes because it promotes a constant optimization of the production parameters, such as, time and costs through a constant and systematic minimization of the process waste, also known as “muda”.

Through this service, GBF transposes the Lean concepts typically implemented within the industrial and construction production procedures to the whole project-development process of green buildings and infrastructures. The transition implies the implementation of different tasks, such as:

  • Project-activity standardization;
  • Process-flow and work-flow leveling;
  • Optimization of the information-flows;
  • Analysis and identification of process wastes;
  • Creation of specific project KPIs (Key Performance Index);
  • Implementation of IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) strategies;
  • Implementation of project-control and continuous-improvement strategies.

Through the Lean methodology we focus on the development of green-buildings following a broader concept of sustainability that doesn’t only look at the building consumption and performance but  also involves a global concept of affordability with the minimization of wastes on the whole project-development process.

The positive impact of the Lean methodology within the industrial and construction environments has been widely documented and demonstrated throughout the last decades. Now it is our goal to transpose such valuable tools to the whole green-building development process.