Green Finance

Green Finance

How to face the new market challenges

GBF, in partnership with Everis Ingeniería and Ecoacsa, developed a specific package of services to face the upcoming market needs. These services are designed to help the client understand the new market dynamics and support him during the transition that his projects and activities will soon experience.


Analysis and identification of risks and/or opportunities associated with the climate change.

This service responds to the new requirements introduced by the TFCD (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures) in 2019. The TFCD is a collection of recommendation which focuses on informing European subjects involved within the finance sector about the risks and opportunities related to the future climate changes. The application of the TFCD to real projects or activities implies the implementation of specific services, such as, environmental assessment, risk management, green-market analysis, use of green-technologies, etc.


Integration of ESG concepts and carbon strategies within financial and investment assets.

The acronym ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) defines the three main factors to measure the level of sustainability of each financial activity. This service focuses on helping investors integrate biodiversity and low-carbon issues into their strategies or associated benchmarks, implementing engagement activities towards disclosure and transparency of environmental and carbon issues. This service also supports the client designing and implementing a specific carbon strategy that could match his needs in order to optimize the costs of the project and take advantage of all the economic opportunities currently available on the market.


Implementation of the European taxonomy for financial and investment assets.

Supporting investors implementing EU Taxonomy on sustainable activities and the application of ESG issues in investment analysis and investment decisions. This service package is specifically designed and developed to match the client’s needs with the taxonomy requirements and includes:

  • Helping decision-makers to identify the types of MRV that are right for their needs.
  • Design ad-hoc corporate MRV procedures (Measurement, Reporting and Verification), KPIs (Key Performance Index), ICT products (Information, Communication and Technology) in order to better comply with regulation and internal goals.
  • Prepare and report information according to the guidelines and international standards.



The main goal is to help the client obtaining environmental certifications, and support investors to provide an ethical product for the consumers, increase sustainable development, improve the image of the company, gain a better relationship with stakeholders and achieve higher profits. This package includes different activities, such as, the design and implementation of specific sustainability-oriented solutions, climate-change opportunities and the execution of environmental due diligence at corporate level.