Climate Change

Climate Change

Climate-Change Mitigation

Implies the implementation of all countermeasures in order to minimize the impact of the human activities on the existing environment and reduce the consequences of climate change. This process requires the development of several activities, such as:

  • The analysis and measurement of the current environment where human activities are located;
  • Calculation of the potential impact of human activities on the surrounding areas;
  • Development of a custom-made plan to reduce such impact and adapt the human activities on the basis of the environmental needs on the medium-long period.

This service-package focuses on reducing the potential risks associated with the climate change in the future. However, they are also an opportunity to take advantage of the new types of businesses that have not been developed yet, such as:

  • Calculation and reduction of taxes associated with the CO2 emission;
  • Strategy for the optimization of energy consumption in buildings and industrial processes;
  • Optimization for the use of primary resources, such as water, raw materials, land, etc.