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The reasons to go "Green"

Quality guarantee at international level. The use of sustainability standard for projects, products or companies has become a guarantee of quality benchmark international assets because they are recognized all over the world and do not depend on local regulations.

 Increase the values of your asset. The certification of projects and/or products through sustainability-related reference standard adds value to the asset which may vary depending on the type of “green label” achieved.

Fulfill the requirements of environmental regulations. The new regulations created worldwide because of the Paris Agreement (2015) impose strict criteria for building, products and company developments in relationship with CO2 emissions and climate change. 

Access to green funding and investment opportunities.

Since 2020 banks, investment funds and other financial institutions are enforced by law to dedicate part of their investments to sustainability-related assets through different instruments, such as, Green Bonds, Climate Bonds, Green Grants, and others.


Reduce the CO2 emissions and the effects of climate change.

Sustainability is not an option anymore. We must lower the emission levels as soon as possible in order to stop climate change and ensure a future for the planet.


Green Building Factory

The companies

Green Building Factory brings together a whole set of companies, expertise and professionals in order to offer a completely integrated process for the design, development and management of green projects and products worldwide.

With GBF all the services that you need for your green project come together.


Università Federale di Santa Catarina

Miller & Co

Consorzio IUYET

Design Italia INC.

Berghorn Group - Michigan - USA

Berghorn Group - Michigan - USA

Everis Ingenieria


Centro di Tecnologie Fisiche - Politecnico di Valencia



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